Pompoms holographic - black 10"


Cheer pompoms in stock. Glittering black pompons, large - ball 50 cm (radius 10 "- 25 cm)

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Holographic Pompoms- first-class high-gloss cheer pompoms in the basic monochrome design in the largest size - 10 ", approx. 25 cm (stripe length from center to end). Made of 1000 strips of 3/4 'holographic plastic film '= approx. 1.9 cm.

Baton grip - handle in the middle. Holographic plastic foil is highly glossy, making this type of tool very popular. Pompons have the shape of a ball.

Our pompons do not stain, nor does the color fall, they do not fade. Pompoms are delivered ready-made, filmed! Holographic pompons are gorgeous in the light - providing a full rainbow of glare and glitter. You always order pieces, not pairs; therefore the price is also for 1 piece - 1 pompon.

Do you need more pieces or different colors and sizes than currently available? Order any number of pompons in the category Custom Pompoms and choose any color and size. If you want to choose a combination of colors and materials, or you don't know what to do, feel free to contact us