Car/multipurpose sticker - Cheerleader BHS

A cool cheerleader sticker for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Black, silver and white color available.

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Dimensions: 15 x 14,5 cm. Supplied with a transfer foil.

This sticker is made from a durable selfadhesive foil made to withstand any weather as well as carwash. You can easily apply it onto your car, door, computer case, locker or any other place you like! However, do not apply it to uneven surfaces.

Just follow the instructions below (also sent with the sticker).


Thorowly wash and degrease the surface to which you wish to apply the sticker. Remove the cover paper from the transparent transfer foil (supplied with the sticker) and stick it directly on the sticker. Cut a piece of the cover paper from the sticker on any side - careful that you don't cut the actual sticker.

Then place the sticker to it's final position using this little piece of uncovered tranfer foil and make sure that it is placed exactly how you like it. Once you put it in place, you won't be able to move it an further! Now slowly remove the rest of the cover paper and carefully press the sticker to surface in one direction, starting from the part that is already stuck. Finally, remove the transfer foil carefully. Any air bubbles that might appear right after application will disappear within 24 hours.